March 14, 2023

SVS Vision Extends Data and High-Quality Analytics to Over 80 Retail Locations

Solution Overview

SVS Vision teamed up with WIT to replace static reporting with performance-enhancing dashboards at individual retail locations.




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Southeast Michigan

“Office managers can now go fully automatic and pull up reports from the previous day, week or month, faster than ever before. It’s been a huge time-saver and stress relief, and they love it.”

Eric Lafferty, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, SVS Vision




SVS Vision is a Michigan-based company with over 80+ retail locations in nine states, SVS Vision has one of the largest selections of the latest designer frames and contact lenses. In addition to their retail locations, SVS vision has lens manufacturing and corporate headquarters located in Mt. Clemens, Michigan and is supported by over 600 employees across the country. SVS Vision’s business is growing, adding an average of five new locations each year, and boasts a customer retention rate that far outstrips that of its competitors.


SVS Vison supplies affordable, high-quality eyewear through 80 locations in nine US states. While many aspects make each SVS Vision location a little bit different, there are critical performance factors that apply to all of them. For SVS Vision, the pivotal indicator of business performance and the success of the overall patient journey begins at how many examinations an optometrist conducts. “In terms of KPIs, exam volume is the starting point,” explains Lafferty, which led to SVS Vision’s first dashboard created analyzing exams. Using exam volume as a starting point for the first dashboard, many additional dashboards have been created since, including data on exams, orders, sales and much more to assist its locations. The business needed an out-of-the-box solution that it could install and deploy with minimal downtime or friction. Key opportunities to address in this project include:

  • Manage KPIs and operational metrics more effectively
  • Remove manual and spreadsheet-based processes
  • Make more valuable use of existing business data



SVS Vision and WIT saw the potential to deploy Qlik Sense across the company to deliver a unified reporting platform that distributed meaningful, comparable information to every location. This deployment increased cross-business visibility into SVS Vision’s KPIs, and by extending access to individual stores, the benefits would be broadened and processes accelerated.

“Qlik Sense is extremely user-friendly. For us, the ability to not have to deal with spreadsheets gives staff the freedom to receive the knowledge and data in a quick and efficient manner, leaving much more time to attend to other things such as our patients. That’s a huge help to the business.”

Eric Lafferty, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, SVS Vision


As Qlik Sense rolls out across SVS Vision, its units and the data they generate are becoming increasingly interconnected. Reporting processes are quicker, more streamlined and more effective, and even initially skeptical staff have been won over by the dashboards ease of use. SVS Vision is now able to enhance its core KPIs, develop new ones and optimize their effectiveness. Key outcomes include:

  • 85 locations to use reporting dashboards when rollout completes enabling a more interconnected business
  • Retail store performance is improved as stores become more data-driven
  • Users leverage new insights gained to develop additional use cases


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