June 28, 2019

WIT Brings AI & Search Technology to Customers Through Partnership with ThoughtSpot

WIT is thrilled to introduce ThoughtSpot as one of our technology partners. ThoughtSpot’s next-generation analytics platform equips every business person with the ability to find critical, meaningful insights through the power of search & augmented intelligence. A recent Gartner study projects “by 2020, 50 percent of analytical queries will be generated via search, natural-language processing or voice, or will be automatically generated.” While this is a bold statement, and possibly a little ambitious - it highlights the momentum of this trend toward natural language processing, AI, and search capabilities in analytics.     

ThoughtSpot background-header

There’s a growing base of enterprise knowledge workers who need access to insights to make data-driven decisions. ThoughtSpot is solving this problem with a radically different approach, driven by AI and search technology. With ThoughtSpot, any business person - regardless of their technical skills - can easily gain analytics insight by asking questions or getting served up answers to questions before even asking. This tool increases adoption rates and reduces analytics bottlenecks by empowering users across an organization to answer their own data questions at the speed of thought.


Earlier this year, Gartner named ThoughtSpot a Leader in the 2019 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms and we are proud to add them on as a partner in order to bring this innovative technology to our customers. You can learn more about our software partners on our website or contact us today to schedule a demo! 

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