February 19, 2020

Data Drives Performance Improvement in Hospital System


With the support of WIT, data discovery dashboards were deployed enterprise-wide to clinical and administrative users alike, which led to increased patient safety and satisfaction scores. 




Process and Quality Improvement


Southeast Michigan

Beaumont Dashboards



This hospital system is Southeast Michigan’s largest in terms of inpatient market share, accounting for about 32 percent of all admissions, and the second-largest based on revenue at $4.3 billion annually. After recent acquisitions, it now consists of eight hospitals with over 3,300 beds, 168 outpatient sites, 5,600 physicians, 35,000 employees, and about 3,500 volunteers.


In the midst of multiple acquisitions in a very competitive market, the ability to make decisions to manage cost and improve quality is difficult. At the same time dealing with the emergence of accountable care and value-based contracting compounds the need for actionable data.

Areas of Interest include:

  • Anesthesiology
  • EMR Consolidation
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Imaging Utilization
  • Patient Surveys
  • Perioperative
  • Physician Productivity
  • Trauma


The hospital system deployed QlikView to the organization’s leadership, clinical, and administrative users. The implementation contained key analytics and dashboards from more than 20 sources.


The result of implementing this data-driven decision-making solution was improvements in critical areas like quality, efficiency, and staffing leading to increased patient safety and satisfaction scores. Key outcomes included: 

  • Achieved national Top 10 ranking for quality
  • Delivered individual-level insights that improved employee engagement in process improvement
  • Improved on utilization of resources and assets


About WIT

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