June 12, 2020

Haworth Optimizes Product Delivery With Real-Time Data


With the support of WIT, Haworth deployed data discovery dashboards to delivery managers, redefining business metrics with real-time data. 

“These new capabilities for integrating, visualizing, and using enterprise data with QlikView have helped us redefine the metrics our business runs on. QlikView has given us visibility at all levels of the organization.”

 Bruce Overway, Haworth






North America


Shipping DashboardBACKGROUND

Haworth offers a dynamic and unique approach to office furniture. The company designs and manufactures adaptable workspaces including raised floors, moveable walls, office furniture and seating. Haworth combines science and design principles to create customer-centric solutions to meet individualized needs. Operating in 126 countries, this dynamic company has a growing global presence with more than 80 sales offices and showrooms worldwide.


As a world-class manufacturer, Haworth’s responsibility to its customers does not end when its products leave the manufacturing plant. In order to maintain and grow a thriving customer base, Haworth ensures customer satisfaction at every step in the supply chain. However, with over 100 gigabytes of data living in disparate systems, and growing continuously, Haworth needed a more streamlined approach to quickly mine through that data to identify delivery issues and resolve them. Key opportunities to address in this project: 

  • Needed an early-warning system to identify and resolve product delivery
  • Required consolidation of data from multiple sources


With assistance from WIT, Haworth deployed QlikView to product delivery managers over the course of eight weeks, redefining business metrics with real-time data.


The resulting dashboards coined “Deliver On Time and Correct” allows Haworth to measure on-time shipments and deliveries to customers and immediately gain insights into delivery operations. Key outcomes included: 

  • Improved metrics for order tracking
  • Empowered sales support team to make decisions on their own
  • Improved product delivery performance
  • Reduced time to identify discrepancies


About WIT

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