May 25, 2020

Tier 1 Auto Supplier Implements Supply Chain Spend Analytics

SOLUTION overview

With the support of WIT, our client developed a custom dashboard to track supplier spend by commodity, part type, etc. to enable a successful growth strategy.  


Automotive Manufacturing


Supply Chain Management/Purchasing


Southeast Michigan

Shipping DashboardBACKGROUND

Our customer is a global automotive industry component and parts. The company is headquartered in southeast Michigan and has 60 manufacturing facilities across over a dozen countries, including the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia.


Complex global supply chains are highly susceptible to disruptions, from global cost variation, market forces, acts of nature, or new and emerging technologies. There is an increased pressure for supply chain managers to think more strategically and focus on the ROI of purchasing engagements. In response to the challenges of a global supply chain, our customer identified an opportunity to track supplier spend by commodity, part type, etc. to enable a successful growth strategy. Key opportunities to address in this project included: 

  • Improve global supply chain visibility
  • Improve ability to analyze supplier spend for cost savings initiatives
  • Provide actionable insights in real-time


With assistance from WIT, this Tier 1 auto supplier was able to develop a custom data discovery dashboard that leverages supply chain data sources like SAP and other legacy systems into a single user-friendly dashboard.


The resulting dashboard enabled our customer to identify global cost reduction initiatives by being able to more clearly spend by commodity, geography, and suppliers to leverage bulk spending with the most appropriate supplier. Key outcomes included:

  • Gained ability to integrate data from multiple sources into a single dashboard, including SAP and other legacy systems
  • Enabled a culture of data-driven decision making
  • Increased visibility between business units managers and plants

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