November 14, 2019

TI Fluid Systems Optimizes Change Management Processes


With the support of WIT, our client, TI Fluid Systems implemented multiple data discovery dashboards to pinpoint the catalysts of change across the global organization. 


Automotive Manufacturing


Enterprise Process Management 


Auburn Hills, MI – Corporate Headquarters 


PLM Dashboard



Global automotive manufacturers turn to TI Fluid Systems to develop and produce award-winning, industry-leading automotive fluid systems. For almost 100 years, TI Automotive has provided its technology to vehicles around the world. With more than 120 manufacturing locations in 29 countries, its strength lies in its ability to creatively meet the ever-changing needs of the global automotive industry.


Due to the competitive nature of the industry, auto suppliers are required to design and maintain nimble business processes that change often. In response to this challenge of dynamic change management, TI Fluid Systems identified an opportunity to streamline processes to better understand the impact of changes originated by customers, suppliers, and internal resources. In addition, the data that supports these processes is locked in complex systems. Key opportunities to address in this project included: 

  • Improve global visibility to the drivers of change, whether they are initiated by customers, suppliers, or internal resources
  • Improve ability to track and investigate revenue and expense management opportunities related to change
  • Provide world-class analytics at an enterprise level


With assistance from WIT, TI Fluid Systems was able to develop fit-for-purpose dashboards that leverage process change data from sources like Siemens Teamcenter PLM into a dynamic, intuitive, and user-friendly interface.


The resulting dashboards enabled TI Fluid Systems to gain significantly deeper insights into enterprise-wide change management in their entire global product line. Key outcomes included: 

  • Gained the ability to track and quantify changes at every grain of data
  • Enhanced existing capability to determine the impact of the changes on customers and suppliers
  • Extended access to data analytics across the enterprise


About WIT

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